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Upcoming Litters


Ruby and Chewy will have:


-Fawn/Sable with Black Mask,

-Blue Fawns with Blue Mask,

-Blue Fawn Pied with Blue Mask,

-Fawn Pied with Black Mask  

All carrying Cocoa 

Babies coming
Late Spring of 2022

Lola and Chewy will have: 


-Cocoa Masked Fawn/Sable,

-Lilac Masked Fawn,

-Cocoa Masked Tan Point,

-Lilac Masked Tan Point,

-Cocoa Masked Fawn Pied

-Lilac Masked Fawn Pied

-Cocoa Masked Tan Pointed Pied

-Lilac Masked Tan Pointed Pied

Babies coming 
Fall of 2022

Previous Furbabies

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